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Medical Expertise

Excerpts of a medical expertise to verifiability and learnability of BILO methodology, created by a practicing GP in Germany

In January 2013, I was allowed to stay as a guest in your health center in Pattaya. This visit was preceded by an intensive and critical exchange of views, in which we were able to discuss many aspects of the effectiveness of your healing method.

From the perspective of the doctor, who had been trained in traditional school medicine at an European University, followed by 25 years practice in different disciplines and at different places in Europe, your healing methods may look at first incomprehensible or even implausible.

However, during my stay and despite of the shortness of time, I was able to experience and to evaluate impressive treatment results. Some of the contents would have been considered untreatable by conventional medicine or could be only handled considerably less efficient despite of much greater efforts required. In addition, I had the opportunity to talk with many persons, treated at bios-logos and to listen to their comprehensible treatment reports. For some of the authentic accounts of healings provided by them, there are no alternatives in the traditional western medicine.

We have extensively engaged with the question of whether your treatment methods could be passed on to other healers or if you would be required as the acting personality for the result of a successful therapy. Since I do not see any magic in your healing methods, but extremely sensitive applied measures that trigger the self-healing power and auto-regulation of the body, I am sure that the methods can be taught to others. Much of it is very understandable on basis of physiological, psychological and biomechanical roots. However, I could not yet achieve a complete understanding of the effectiveness of your methods.


I consider a propagation of your healing methods being very important in the context of a serious and scientifically based training system as in Thailand, above all for the reason that the knowledge and ability may not be lost.


General medicine
Preventive medicine

Healing instead of just treating!
Bios Logos Thailand is looking worldwide for a prestigious university, who is willing to teach the BILO methodology to their students.
Help us to heal more people without drugs and without surgery, than we can do it alone. It could start on your university, in your city, in your country.
Do you know someone or you yourself are in a position where you can spread the BILO methodology with us, then please contact us.
Our letter as copy and for forwarding to all medically-oriented research and education institutions.

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